With stay at home orders and lockdowns increasing, fewer shoppers are stepping foot into dealerships. Without the advantage of face-to-face sales, it’s easy to lose sight of your customers. What are my customers thinking? How can I reach them in a time of crisis? 

This research taps into the real customer voice: what customers are saying and posting about you on social media.  It will also arm you with the right messaging to attract shoppers in the era of COVID-19. 

With COVID-19 moving to the forefront of our lives,  it’s clear there is immense pressure to respond. In attempts to comfort loyal customers and potential in-market shoppers, we found that dealers focused on providing answers and providing them fast. Emails and texts included messages such as:

 “We are open!” 

 “There are historic deals available!” 

“We are essential.” 

Check out real shopper reactions to the initial dealer response below.

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Feedback is vital. Without it, shifting strategy and staying relevant to keep your business alive wouldn’t be possible. Research shows that after dealers implemented a new messaging strategy in their marketing and outreach, consumers responded much differently to their cause.

“We’re here for you.”

“We have your answers.”

 “We’re readily available and ready to work with you and your needs during this difficult time.

Check out real shopper reactions to the new dealer messaging below.

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In a time that no one living has experienced, it’s imperative to become fluid to these rapidly changing environments. Amidst all the noise, in-market shoppers are still curious about dealership status of operation. Be sensitive and acknowledge the gravity of the situation, like using your dealership for local good, or going the extra mile to make a customer feel safe.

Understand the questions that car buyers have so that you can swiftly get those answers to them. Listen to your shoppers’ needs, be their answers, and together let’s keep the business alive.