VIDEO: Declutter your website and tighten your VDPs


It can be hard to find the time to listen to a full-length webinar.

But what about a mini-webinar? Seven minutes of quick, useful advice for you as you wrap up your week.

Our very own Head of Business Development, Ilana Zur, did a mini-webinar with our friends over at DealerRefresh and we thought you’d like to watch it today.


Because she shares some great tips for optimizing your website for conversions by:

  • Eliminating all the distractions keeping your customers from moving forward
  • Making sure your website actually reflects your dealership’s goals
  • Creating and measuring your VDPs for success

Think about it: you might have an early-stage shopper on your website looking to do research. They need to be able to find the information they came for- and not get overwhelmed by too many CTAs or popups, or confusing navigation.

Or you might have a later stage shopper dead-set on a particular vehicle. Are they seeing appropriate offers designed to grab their attention at the right moment and help them move forward?

Or you might not have enough photos, videos, and feature explanations on your VDPs- and visitors, who typically spend the majority of their time browsing vehicles on your site, can’t find what they need.

The idea is to provide a great user experience as part of a great customer experience, and the fact is, these areas are often neglected by companies, thinking that bringing traffic to their websites is the most important thing.

And it is important- if no one is seeing your website, what’s the point?

But having people merely see your website and not take any action on it costs dealerships a lot of money. All that cash spent on targeting and retargeting, only to have visitors arrive on a website that does not actually engage them so that they become paying customers. That’s like focusing all your energy on the advertising that will bring customers to your showroom, and then having a poor experience with no helpful salespeople when they arrive.

That would never happen at your showroom, and it doesn’t need to happy on your website either.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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