Why we decided to rebrand

You may ask yourself why AutoLeadStar decided to rebrand. It wasn’t an overnight decision– rather something that branched from a bigger discussion. Ultimately, as we prepared for the launch of Acquire (our automated marketing engine for hyper-targeted ads at any scale), we started working on a facelift for our logo and brand that represents who we are as a company and a technology.

Consider the history: we started as a handful of people in a tiny office, with a single product we sold to a few dealers willing to take a chance. We are ever grateful for our early- adopters because now, we’re a complete platform. We bring market-leading tools designed to move the automotive industry forward. We have team members sitting in offices on multiple continents and across the United States. We have top 150 brands counting on us to deliver the best, actionable data to hit their goals. It was time to build a brand intentionally, a brand and a message that expresses our value to the market right now with a look to the even bigger plans we have for the future.

But a brand isn’t just a logo or a font or a set of colors. A brand encompasses your customers’ experience and perception of your company–it’s the cumulative experience your customers have with your brand. It’s made up of your company’s voice, its values, and its visual identity. So, in creating the brand for AutoLeadStar, our brand team brainstormed long hours about how we want our customers to perceive us, as well as what makes our core DNA unique.

Our brand promise 

AutoLeadStar future-proofs dealers with AI-powered, data-centric marketing tools to engage and convert more car buyers at the highest level. .

We’re made up of two parts: a super advanced technology company, with veterans of the Israeli army cyber unit, and veterans of the American automotive retail industry. And of course, everything in between. This combination gives us the edge of being extremely mission-driven, sharing a culture of ingenuity and a bias towards action. We also have the deep industry experience that allows us to bring solutions to dealers that help them crush their competition.

How do you express ALL THAT in a brand?

The evolution of the logo

AutoLeadStar circa 2016 at CBT Conference & Expo

Before we were AutoLeadStar, we were an e-commerce company. Seemingly overnight, we pivoted into the automotive industry in 2015, and we quickly whipped together a brand that looked right to us at the time. It was positive and outgoing, and we even painted our office orange to match. Then, in 2017, we changed our colors from orange to blue, to go along with the release of Falcon (we kept our office walls orange, though). That brand brought us lots of growth, success, and happy customers, but over time it became ordinary.

AutoLeadStar circa 2017: The release of the Falcon

One of the characteristics of our company culture is that we tend to be very humble. Our founding team is made up of friends who came together to solve big problems and work hard, so you don’t find big egos in our company DNA. But the design team quickly realized that while this is a wonderful characteristic for company culture, it’s not the right vibe for a brand. Our technology is truly cutting edge, and we weren’t adequately expressing that to the market. Visually, we had a mix of color schemes and we realized that overall, our look and feel wasn’t sophisticated or recognizable enough.

The Process

Our design team, lead by Rafi Gabbay, worked with a talented designer from Nashville, Brian Joseph. Brian was a great choice for us, since he’s both a veteran designer AND an automotive enthusiast. He was able to bring his sense of excitement for slick, powerful consumer machines and blend it with a story about technology in a way that felt true to our identity.

Our identity: Marketing and Design team hard at work brainstorming…

Our new brand

You’ll now see our brand show up in a whole new way. We are AutoLeadStar, first and foremost. But, our company logo will look different. And no matter where you see it, it’s stark, simple, and powerful. The new color palette is likewise stark and simple, all about doing some smart business. Fonts are bold, simple and clear–perfect for expressing big ideas and for reflecting the data we share with clients.

Our products have been repositioned and rebranded–we’re now a suite of solutions, all under one umbrella. And our solutions have new names, reflecting the value that they bring to the marketing machine.

Acquire is of course the newest member of our platform. Falcon is now referred to as Connect. And DataAi is now called Explore. The AutoLeadStar platform has turned into a full stack solution that helps you Acquire customers, Connect with them, and Explore your data.

What to look forward to

As we enter a new tier in our company’s growth, we’re excited to be launching a brand that expresses just how bold and powerful our value really is for the modern dealership. 

Underneath the new look, we’re still the same AutoLeadStar–bringing you unparalleled technology and partnership. We look forward to embarking with you on this new journey.