Popups: which ones help you sell and which ones to avoid


Optimizing your website to sell more cars is one of the most important things you can do as a dealership marketer. Engaging customers is the key to growing your client base, and there are so many ways to do it on your website: forms, click-to-call, menu, , chat, images, and videos- just to name a few. 

One of the most effective formats for customer engagement is what’s known as popups, also known as overlays. Popups come in a variety of formats, which have varying success in their user experience- and in Google compliance. Knowing which is which- and which will help you get more sales and which will drive your customers crazy or hurt your search rankings- is important as you set out to build a high performing website.

Let’s look at a few:

Browser popups

Browser popups are somewhat ubiquitous, but they shouldn’t be: the spammiest of all, these are the kind you’ll definitely want to avoid. 

These cover your screen and don’t allow you to move on until you deal with them. Kind of like an overly aggressive salesperson. Just don’t.

Modal popups

Modal popups appear within your browser window and they can really work to your benefit, as long as they follow Google compliance rules. These are typically designed to integrate better with the user’s experience on your site, are easy to dismiss, and employ better functionality and UX. At AutoLeadStar, we employ this more friendly, revenue-boosting popup style for better engagement that doesn’t make customers angry. 


These too fall on the spam- end of the popup spectrum, and are often used by pirated content sites. Mostly used on mobile, these can also get you in trouble with Google. These work by appearing under the window you’re browsing, so you don’t see it until you close your window. So on the one hand, it doesn’t interfere with your experience in the moment. On the other, it gives the impression of having snuck up on you. This is worse on mobile, where pressing the back button when you finish browsing a page will take you to the dreaded pop-under, making you wonder if you have already been to that page. It’s sneaky, and it’s spammy.

In all our work with clients, we adhere to the strictest Google standards, and provide personalized, smart targeted popups so that your website provides the best experience and earns great search rankings-  so you can sell more cars.