[Micro-Podcast] Top 5 Questions for Choosing the Best Vendors


With all the vendors vying for your dealership’s attention, it can be hard to know where to start. Which products can truly help your dealership advance its goals and which are simply a drain on your time? What’s worth the resources and money invested in new technology, training, and implementation, and what isn’t?

Today we bring you the top 5 questions to ask vendors in order to evaluate whether their product is a good fit for your dealership. Emphasis here is on good for for your dealership– because nothing is one size fits all and your needs are not the same as your competitor’s. The key is to zero in on your goals- whether in marketing, sales, fixed ops, call center training, or whatever you’d like to improve- and see if the vendor helps you accomplish them.

There’s so much technology out there, and the developments are so rapid, it can seem like you need to just jump on every bandwagon that comes your way. Our regional sales manager, Matt Waterman, guides you through the process of taking a step back, thinking through what you need, and actually evaluating the vendors you’re considering for problem-solving potential, quality, and value.

So here they are: Matt’s top five questions for choosing the right vendors. Make the right decisions for your dealership and your shoppers and use the tools to your advantage- instead of the tools using you.

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