[Micro-Podcast] User Experience: How to Win Loyalty Through Service


The term UX, or user experience, is popular in the world of software design, as app developers hammer out the best ways for users to interact with their products. But the idea of UX can also apply to today’s automotive dealership- and can provide great strategies for getting more leads, bringing customers into your showroom, and customer retention long after the sale.

After all, user experience describes how customers experience your dealership, from Googling you to browsing your website to coming into the dealership, making a purchase, and beyond.

Do customers experience convenience, personalization, and great service? Or do they feel pressured by cheap, salesy tricks?

In this edition of Micro-Podcasts: The Best Dealership Tips in Under Ten Minutes, we discuss UX at the dealership- both online and in person- with AutoLeadStar Product Manager, Alex Joseph. Alex spends her days thinking about and researching what makes customers choose the products and companies they choose, and here she shares her top tips for bringing the best, most genuine, most personalized, most memorable experience to your dealership shoppers.

Learn how dealerships can stay competitive, even as customers do more and more research on their own and expect better service and convenience than ever before. Gain insight by looking at companies that have stayed successful in today’s changing market.

All this in under 10 minutes.


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