When you think about your primary sources of online leads, you may be thinking of third-party vendor sites, or even optimizing your own site for lead capture. Don’t overlook another potential goldmine for sales leads: Your service department.

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Studies show that customers are seven times as likely to purchase a car from the place where their vehicle has been serviced.

Service customers have a distinct advantage: they already know and trust you, and you can count on them coming into the dealership. The challenge lies in engaging them with sales offers.

One key to capturing more leads here is automation. Grow your service customers by targeting your website visitors with special offers on service pages or around service offers. Targeting by onsite visitor behavior can eliminate the extra hassle by weeding out service leads from straight sales leads.

For service customers that have already been to your dealership, you can send them automated email follow-ups with special loyalty offers on vehicle purchases.

Mining your existing resources for sales leads that are already sold on your service and integrity is a valuable way to up your dealership’s game.
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