How Car Dealers Can Get More Sales Leads in 2021

As we all know, it’s no longer about how many leads you get, but rather, where your leads are coming from and at what rate they’re closing.  Dealerships should be looking at lead strategy rather than lead volume to create more sales-ready prospects in 2021. 

So with the emphasis on quality over quantity, below are three tips for your dealership to ensure success in locking in more sales leads this year. 

Identify website fall-off points:  Adding conversion opportunities for your website visitors is only half the equation.  Once you’ve implemented the right buttons, the best chat (or chatbot), and info-heavy VDPs, you’ll want to track where people on your website fall off.  This indicates to you where in the process people are having their “never mind” moments and choosing your competitors instead.  Leads that convert quickly, without much thought, are actually sometimes the leads that are less likely to buy.  It’s Google chrome auto-fill that pushed them to fill out the form more than anything else.  So if a lead was turned off by something on your website or a chat interaction, start digging in so you can keep interested prospects longer and implement processes and strategies that can bring more in-market car shoppers into your store from your website. 

Optimize for leads, not clicks: The automotive industry is filled with vanity metrics that don’t necessarily bring in the quality leads dealers are looking to get from digital marketing.  Clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rates are basics to track and good to know, but not what your dealership should be optimizing for when it comes to sales-ready prospects. When your digital marketing and SEM strategies are optimizing for leads, you’re investing money into the opportunities that are more likely to turn into a sale.  So, yes, perhaps your cost per lead may go up by 5% in some cases, but you’re bringing in the quality leads that are worth spending on, versus the quantity that may never convert into a sale. 

Market every car to capitalize on opportunity: Every piece of your inventory is an opportunity to sell.  Whether this is a snowplow in the back of your lot that you thought never to spend advertising dollars on, or your most popular new model, investing in an SEM strategy that will give you the resources to market every single car as if it’s your only one will bring in more qualified sales leads.  This means running A/B tests on every car, uploading and updating your audiences and targeting in real-time, and automating inventory and price adjustments to make sure you’re getting the appropriate message in front of your buyers at any given moment. 

It’s a big year for automotive as dealer-tech adoption continues to grow rampant in the industry. Make sure your dealership is investing in these digital marketing strategies to gain more market share and sell more cars to sales-ready leads. 

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