Googles updated advertising policy and what it means for your dealership

  Mollie Monett

Big updates, little change.

It’s official. Google has recently updated its policies on personalized advertising.

Can I get a breakdown? 

In an effort to improve inclusivity for users disproportionately affected by societal biases, housing, employment, and credit products or services can no longer be targeted to audiences based on gender, age, parental status, marital status, or ZIP code. This policy will go into effect on October 19th, 2020.

Some examples of impacted products or services include credit cards, home loans, car loans, appliance loans, short-term loans.

Google will review both the ad text and visual elements of the Display ad and landing page. If a significant portion of the landing page is in scope, the ad could be flagged for the policy despite the ad itself not containing elements related to housing, employment, or credit. If the landing page contains content related to housing, employment, or credit the ad could remain in the scope of the policy despite nothing in the ad being related.

What does this mean for my dealership if I’m using Acquire?

We’re so glad you asked. In short, we already made sure to adjust everything that can be adjusted. We’re working closely with Google to ensure optimized implementation given the new limitation. Moreover, part of Acquire’s sophistication is that it’s almost entirely unaffected by changes such as these. Because Acquire contains such a high resolution, it knows how to handpick those who will convert and give you business within your specified geolocation.  So even if you move to radius targeting and include less relevant zip codes, Acquire is automatically focusing exclusively on shoppers that will translate into leads that remain in your zip code. Please note that we’re waiting for the OEMs who enforce zip code targeting to give new guidelines but in parallel working on other solutions as a backup.

As always, Acquire is fully automated and will take care of any change – no manual work needed!