BDC and Internet Sales teams have a ton of potential to bring more customers into the dealership. Are they living up to it? Here are three ways to follow up with Internet leads that are guaranteed to get more buyers into the showroom, make more sales, and create loyal customers:

  1. Customize Follow Up
    Create different action plans based on type of lead – for instance, follow up with new Internet leads differently than with special finance customers. Make sure your that different lead types are properly tagged and organized in your CRM. You can use targeting and automation to fire off different email responses to different types of leads.
  2. Turn Losses into Opportunities
    Just because a potential lead ended up making a purchase at a different dealership, doesn’t mean they’re a lost cause. Follow up and ask for a referral. As Sean V. Bradley explains, there is a high statistical likelihood that when a person buys a car, someone from their household will buy another one within 90 days. Even if the original purchase didn’t take place at your dealership, asking for a referral can increase the chances of a sale next time. You can also ask for referrals to direct leads to your service department. Customers are seven times as likely to purchase a car from the place where they serviced their vehicle.
  3. Write clear calls-to-action
    Choose email templates that are intelligent and articulate – your shoppers are savvy, and they’ll close a fluffy, indirect email in a hurry. Every single email you send to potential customers should have a clear, direct, and personal call to action: respond to this email, book an appointment, come into the showroom.


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