Opportunities are endless for modern dealers looking for online leads. Your dealership is likely using a combination of approaches, including third-party lead resources like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book, paid advertising  and SEO to get you those valuable leads that serve as the bread and butter of your dealership.

Whatever the combination,  you are likely investing a lot of your marketing budget on the right tools to get you those leads. According to a 2015 study by McKinsey & Company,  titled, “Fast Forward: How U.S. Auto Dealers Can Drive Sustainable Economic Performance in the Digital Age, for every car sold and serviced in North America, manufacturers and dealers jointly spend an average of nearly $8,500 for marketing and sales activities over its lifecycle!

While spending money is unavoidable, nothing is worse than an investment that doesn’t pay off. You want to know that at the very least, you are getting some bang for your buck!


Start by Paying 100% attention to the hard-earned traffic coming to your website.

One area that at times is overlooked is your website traffic. You spend a lot of resources on getting visitors to your website through paid search and SEO, but don’t necessarily have a great follow-up plan. The reality is that this can be your best performing traffic if you have a user-friendly website and a good lead capture automation system in place.  If not, statistics are not on your side. A staggering 98% of site visitors will be lost and may even go to your competitors. Don’t despair though, if you can give visitors the attention they deserve, and target them with offers they want to see, you will be able to avoid this dismal outcome.

Think of it this way: visitors coming to your website have come for a reason. They are interested in your cars, in your brand and in what you have to offer them, otherwise they wouldn’t be there. Their presence presents a golden opportunity for you to capture their attention and get the most out of your marketing investment. Your site visitors are your most captive audience. They are standing right in front of you. You just need to perform to the best of your ability.

AutoLeadStar will help you get the attention of your dealership traffic. Use our intelligent lead capture to present visitors with offers that will get them excited and capture qualified leads before they abandon your website. For every lead captured, you will be provided with valuable information about which car he or she has looked at, what pages they are interested in and the amount of time each potential customer is spending on your site. This way you can sift out the good from the bad, the serious from the less serious, and hand your sales reps the hottest leads possible.


Make the most of your most valuable asset — your website visitors!


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