Where are your dealership’s most qualified leads?


If you’re like most dealerships, you probably bid on leads from websites like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds, or AutoTrader. That’s a good idea: you can find people shopping for cars who have already started doing their research. But what if you could spend less money and interact with customers who are already interested in your dealership?

The fact is, your dealership’s most qualified leads are already in your showroom – your digital showroom, that is. The people browsing your website are your most promising new customers. Here’s why:

You do not need to go to them – they have already come to you

Think of your digital showroom the same way you think of your brick-and-mortar showroom. Visitors to your site, whether they found you by ad, by word of mouth, or by accident, are browsing your showroom right now. All you have to do is make a good impression and you’ve earned a potential customer.

They are knowledgeable and ready to buy

Imagine two people shopping for a new suit. The first googles “men’s suits,” and the second visits the Men’s Wearhouse website. This second buyer already knows what vendor to use, and is already anticipating a good experience. These are your website visitors. They have come to you because they are getting ready to make a purchase.

You can interact with them directly and help them find what they need

When a customer walks into your dealership, you listen to what they want and help them find it. You can do the same with shoppers on your website, using technologies that analyze their behavior on your site to make relevant offers, show products they want to see, or ask if they would like to chat with a representative. Targeted and relevant help will help you build loyalty.

There is no additional cost

You do not have to bid for leads that are already on your site. Anyone who converts on your website goes straight to your BDC and/or CRM, and is your lead to keep.

It maximizes the advertising you’re already doing

You already pay for ads, whether print or digital. If people come to your site but don’t convert, your advertising hasn’t paid off. Interact with the people already on your site to make your investment worth it. With your digital showroom, you don’t need to find qualified leads. You just need to make them stay. Find out how in Part 2 of this week’s blog!

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