What you can learn from Chase’s new online car financing program


You may have heard about Chase Auto Direct, the new online car shopping and financing program offered by Chase in partnership with TrueCar.com. Here’s how it works. Chase clients use the bank’s website to specify their car preferences. Then, they are directed to local dealerships stocking the models they want, while Chase approves their loans online. Customers can walk into the dealership with nothing to do but meet their shiny new (or used) cars and close the deal.

You can see how a lot of people would like this service: the tech-savvy, the paperwork-averse, or anyone who likes to think and work alone. Dealerships benefit too–  from customers who arrive at their showrooms pre-qualified and ready to buy. But taking a step back, there are several important takeaways from this program, no matter how you do your financing.

Here are 4 things you can learn from the launch of Chase Auto Direct:

1. Do everything you can to maximize convenience for your customers

A lot of people feel confused and overwhelmed shopping for cars. Constantly think of ways to simplify and streamline your process so your customers are happier.

2. Let your customers do more online

More and more car shopping is being done online, so find ways to integrate your digital and in-person showrooms. Keep your website up-to-date with your newest inventory and reviews, and use a system like GoMoto to help your customers begin financing before heading to your dealership.

3. Pay attention to feedback

Ask your customers to give you feedback in person and on social media. Tweet at your customers to make sure they’re satisfied. Then, listen for patterns. If you’re hearing that people want less paperwork, minimize paperwork. If they want to see more reviews online, make sure they can.

4. Build strategic partnerships to expand your reach

Is there an institution or company that can help you provide better service to your customers? Reach out to them. Build relationships with them. Find companies that complement yours and use them to add options and flexibility so you’ll reach more buyers and make more sales.


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