What your dealership can learn from these Super Bowl commercials


Ah, the Super Bowl: the tension, the glory, the historic overtime.

The commercials.

We’re sure that, like us, you took diligent notes on which commercials were the best this year, especially which car commercials were the best.

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But if by some chance, you did not analyze the Super Bowl commercials, we’ve got you covered. Because the commercials that are perhaps the most anticipated of the year have some serious strategy behind them- and we think they have some good marketing lessons for dealerships.

Such as:

Demonstrate your brand values

Your dealership cares about things aside from selling cars. Maybe it’s family or community. Maybe it’s cutting-edge technology. Maybe it’s customer service. Whatever values your dealership holds dear, demonstrating them to customers is a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Let’s see some examples:

Ford “Go Further”


Ford presents its values clearly in this commercial: forward-thinking, tech-savvy, efficiency-oriented. It positions itself as not simply a manufacturer of cars, but as a visionary that embraces all the latest automotive technology and helps people live more efficient, successful lives.

Here’s another values- oriented ad that went in a completely different direction:

Hyundai “A Better Super Bowl”


Country. Family. Service. These themes have nothing to do with cars, but using them positions Hyundai as an all-American, values-oriented brand. With a specific focus on the difficulties of serving in the armed forces, this ad attempts to convey both patriotism and empathy- which is a smart move, especially for a non-American brand.

Now here’s one that took a risk:

Audi “Daughter”


Where Hyundai’s ad appeals to the masses, this one by Audi appeals to a niche. Not everyone is going to relate to this somewhat political, fairly heavy-handed message. However, some people are going to see this and love it because the values it espouses speak to them. That’s a a demographic Audi has apparently decided they want to reach.

In your design, messaging, ads, and general approach- consider what values your dealership wants to project.

Here’s another theme that jumped out at us:

Connect to people’s aspirations

So much of our purchasing decisions are tied to deep aspirations, especially the big decisions. And the Super Bowl car commercials certainly played to that instinct. Here are some that particularly seemed to understand the impulses that drive our significant purchases:

Alfa Romeo “Dear Predictable”


A sense of adventure, a thirst for change, a casting off of the familiar: this commercial appeals to the person who wants to project a sense of adventure.

And what about the quirky car shoppers among us, especially those with an environmentally-conscious bent? The Super Bowl ad offerings speak to them as well:

Kia “Hero’s Journey”


It really is hard to stay on top of- and put into practice- all the current advice for saving the planet! But it’s not that hard to align yourself with brands, and popular celebrities, that speak to those goals.

And then of course, there are dreams in a general sense:

Honda “Yearbooks”


Now-successful celebrities encouraging us from their awkward yearbook photos to dream big speaks to people’s profound desire to accomplish their goals. It’s not a literal message- buy this car, become megafamous- but it appeals to the emotions of wanting to grow and accomplish.

So whether you’re celebrating or mourning the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl, consider how your dealership can stand out in a way that reflects your values and personality, and connects to your customers as people. In your showroom design, in your ads, on your website; with your creative, your community events, and your day to day operations, think about how your your customers experience your dealership. That experience is, after all, the impression that will stay with them.


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