We’re lucky to have quite a few customers with more than one rooftop with AutoLeadstar. In fact, we see a common narrative that customers who stay with us for more than six months or so typically add additional stores.

About half a year ago we realized it was time to do serious work on group level reporting, as we know this is a particular pain point for multi-point dealer groups. Having an interface where you can compare (more on this in next week), dive-in, and understand all stores with extremely smooth UX and total transparency is really meaningful in today’s fast-paced marketing environment.

That’s why today we’re excited to release our Group Reports Page.
The Group Reports page provides a consolidated view of performance across multiple rooftops inside an automotive group. While the page is meant to highlight the stats that most closely align with the group’s primary marketing activities, it also gives our clients a higher resolution with more granular reporting on leads, top ads and campaigns, user activities and performance across all activated rooftops.


For us, this feature helps advance our value of transparency and empowers dealers to become more data-driven marketers. Thanks for letting us make it possible for you by so consistently adding more stores! Most importantly thanks for telling us what you want!


(originally published on LinkedIn)