We were another popup company. Here’s why we changed our entire product.


When we released Falcon, our complete digital toolbox for dealers, it was a major change in our company- for the better. Here’s how we realized it was time- and why we’ve embraced the need to constantly change.

The AI revolution: it’s coming for us all

Way back when, we used to design conversion overlays– or popups– for dealerships. Not just any conversion overlays. Good conversion overlays. They were branded for each dealership. They were designed to engage and not overwhelm. And they were optimized with artificial intelligence to appear to the right customers at the right time.

We were proud of our product, but after a while, we started to realize that just having a good popup tool wasn’t enough. We were one conversion option of many on the page, competing with all the others for customer attention. We could only offer one type of engagement at a time. And let’s be honest: people kinda hate popups (and so did Google).

But there was a bigger reason we knew it wasn’t enough: the digital world was changing. New technological advances meant customers were having better experiences online, with sites and apps that responded to their needs with real value. And so we thought: instead of having single moments of interaction, where we offered a bit of value in exchange for lead info, what if we could offer a full-service tool, totally personalized to each shopper, that actually helped people do what they wanted more easily? And what if better engagement for shoppers actually made it easier to win leads, loyalty, and sales?

And so, Falcon was born.

Better experience for customers, better data for dealerships

Falcon is built on the same principles as our earlier products: showing the right content to the right people at the right time, on any device, anytime. But now it’s integrated into an all-in-one tool that responds and adapts to every shopper’s needs. So, like before, it can show customers browsing VDPs relevant offers, encourage service customers to select an appointment time from an on-page widget without picking up the phone, or start a text conversation with customers who want one-to-one guidance. But now there are a few key differences:

  • Follow-up interactions. After the first touchpoint, such as that vehicle offer, it used to be that the interaction with the customer was over. Now, the conversation continues, with an opportunity to value your trade on the spot, to book a test drive, to get directions to your dealership– all the steps a shopper might take after expressing interest in a sale.
  • Integrated data. Because it’s one tool instead of many, data is shared across interactions. That means that if a customer converts on a vehicle offer and then begins valuing their trade, they don’t have to input their information again– it’s all saved. That way, continuing to move forward in the car shopping process feels natural and friction-free. After all, in person, you wouldn’t be asked for the same basic information multiple times.
  • Customer input. At any point, customers using Falcon can select the assistance they would like– whether specials, service, e-price, directions– whatever they need. This means that the process is customer-driven, not only because the AI-enhanced site uses their behavior to offer relevant assistance, but also because shoppers can directly ask for what they want at any time.

All of this means a natural, personalized experience for shoppers.

And a natural, personalized experience for shoppers is a win for dealerships. It brings the excellence of their in-store customer experience online, 24/7. It fosters loyalty and repeat business. And it boosts the entire sales process because these rich leads– which include not only what customers converted on, but all their on-site behavior and any follow-up interactions– allow dealership teams to have both more productive conversations over the phone and in-person, and lead to better strategy.

That’s the power of AI, harnessed to provide dealerships with an all-in-one tool that meets their customers’ needs wherever they are, whenever they need, on any device. It’s much more than a conversion tool. It’s the type of concierge assistance that actually helps shoppers achieve their goals.

The need for change

We were proud of AutoLeadStar’s original lead-capture tool. But we’re even prouder of Falcon, and the ways it can take digital customer engagement to the next level. And we’ve realized that always pushing ourselves is really the key- always looking to develop and change and provide the best possible experience for shoppers and for dealerships.


If you want to try out Falcon, be in touch at any time. We’d be happy to see if it’s a good fit for you, and talk about ways we can optimize and customize it for your dealership.