Want more foot traffic? Use geo-targeting to heat up your web visitors!

  Ilana Zur
There was a time, not that long ago, when all aspects of an auto sale were done on a face-to-face basis. Deals were seen through from sales pitch to completion thanks to the mastery of experienced salespeople, who knew how to heat up the sales floor at the bat of an eyelid. Indeed, dealerships are experts in this personalized style of selling. But what impact has the shift to the digital age had on more traditional sales techniques?

We have all read countless articles describing how websites are the backbone of any successful dealership. The question is, how do you seamlessly integrate your website into your company’s overall sales strategy? How can your online actions get you more visitors into your store?

Invite People Nearby to Stop in…..Now:

Using a savvy geo-targeting strategy on your dealership website is just one way that you can boost your foot traffic significantly. What’s geo-targeting? Well, any good lead capture automation system should include a feature to target each of your site visitors differently, depending on where they are situated at the moment.

For a dealership, this is critical so that you can create compelling, individualized offers or discounts that are likely to get customers running to your store.

You may, for example, want to offer someone located a short distance away an offer for a same-day discount, giveaway, or just a nice cup of fancy coffee. This can drive up your daily foot traffic and allow your showroom team to work its magic.

On the other hand, someone who lives out of town, or slightly further away, will be more likely to respond to offers valid for the coming month, giving them plenty of time to get to you. Alternatively, you can just focus on a pure lead capture strategy with these folks, and do a quick phone call as a followup.

Of course, a smart system will enable you to implement behaviorally smart campaigns, so that you can target and engage site visitors with unique offers, each time they return to your dealership website. Keeps it from getting stale.

Having the ability to geo-target means that no website engagement is ever wasted, or directed to someone who has no inclination to follow through. You will always have the right message, for the right person.

You may only get one opportunity. Don’t miss it!

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