Why your Dealership should treat every day like Memorial Day

  Ilana Zur

It’s that time of year again.  Big sales, “Super Bowl” atmosphere, BBQs and cookouts.  But all for what?  To engage every lead that walks into your Showroom on this Memorial Day- -make the most out of the heavy traffic and sales opportunities right in front of your face.

But why is the emphasis on Memorial Day?  It’s a big sales day- a day to engage the incoming leads and get them to buy. Dealerships all around the country have this traffic on their website every single day. Yup.  I said it- every single day. So you should actually be treating your website as if it’s Memorial Day Monday on the regular.

When you invest on bringing in the online traffic and driving leads to your site, you should also be investing in engaging those leads.  No, you can’t offer them a hot dog fresh off the grill online.  You can, however, use sophisticated automotive software to engage them based on their behavior and interest in your site.

How do you engage online?

  • Timing: Don’t show something right when the visitor comes to the site- they have no idea what your dealership is all about or which cars they are interested in.  If you hit them too fast, they’re not going leave their details on their site for your sales team to follow up.
  • Personalization: Show personal messages to the website visitors, not just one generic message that everyone is eligible to see.  On Memorial Day, are your sales people going to approach every visitor the same?  No.  They’ll feel out interest, level of patience, etc. Do the same on your website.
  • Compelling sales: C’mon.  You brought all of that traffic to your site.  Don’t give up on them that fast, invest in them! Create some awesome offers on cars to get the leads excited and committed to your dealership, not a competitor.
  • Be fun and unique: Some dealership websites look like every other site.  Add messages or landing pages to give your dealership that special feel– every day should feel like a Holiday on your site.

It’s crucial that  you’re taking advantage of the traffic on your site every single day.  If you’re not engaging, it’s as if you have no salesmen on your floor on Memorial Day.  That’s not cool. Start today.

Wishing ya’ll a successful sales day!

Have any questions about engaging and targeting your visitors?  Reach out to us, 216-242-1320.