AutoLeadStar is excited to announce its latest product, SocialAi. SocialAi automatically generates social posts specifically for your dealership from your website, OEM assets, and more. You can save hours of valuable time every week while optimizing your Facebook and Twitter pages. Here is the story of how it came about:

It was a sunny day, and the AutoLeadStar product team was just sitting down to discuss some changes to Falcon, our AI-powered platform for car dealerships. The coffee was poured, the banter was bantered, and we got down to business. The idea that all of our products should be highly compatible with dealerships’ social media pages was raised. Everyone agreed– we had heard from so many of our partners that maintaining a high-quality social media presence was difficult, and took a lot of time and resources. Anything we could do to make it easier was appreciated.

As the meeting progressed, it seemed that we had identified an issue that was lacking a solution. We’ve gotten to know the automotive industry pretty well at this point– was there something we could do to make it easier to manage and optimize a dealership’s social media pages? Could we use our AI technology in this area?

Enter SocialAi.

Well, it didn’t have a name at that point, but the idea was born. The product and development teams began to think about, design, and create a system that would address some of the most time-consuming and tedious parts of maintaining social pages. Dealerships wanted to improve the quality of their pages while saving time, to allow them to focus on other tasks. Any product we developed could not take away from the human feel of their pages. We had our work cut out for us.

Stage 1: Understanding a Dealership’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

The first question we had to think about was– what actually goes in to a dealership’s social media marketing strategy, and what problems were we trying to solve? We spoke to social media managers, internet managers, and GMs of several dealerships of different types and sizes, to hear what they were currently doing and missing. We found out a few important things:

  • Dealerships understand that social media is an important part of their digital marketing strategy.
  • Just because it’s important doesn’t make it easy. It takes too long to upload a single post– every time a dealership wanted to promote a vehicle, they had to upload the vehicle description and images that were already on its website to each social media platform.
  • Dealerships want to be able to efficiently create high-quality content.
  • Any product that utilized automation had to maintain the personal and human tone of their social media pages.

Knowing all of this, we decided that there was definitely a problem here, and that we had the ability to solve it.

Stage 2: Automated Social Media Content

The first iteration of the product focused on the ability to automatically generate social media posts. What would this mean? Well, a dealership would simply connect its website to the product and it would receive already-created posts that it could simply publish to Facebook. Throughout production, we kept in mind the importance of ensuring that the posts wouldn’t sound too prepared or generic. We were off to a good start.

Dealerships would have access to hundreds of Facebook posts featuring vehicles, offers, and reviews from their own website. The posts would feature an accompanying caption with a very human feel. They could then use or edit that caption, or write their own. A dealership would be able to publish a post at that moment, or schedule it for later. The product seemed so logical and necessary that it took on a life of its own. As we progressed, we realized how much time dealerships would save by using this type of product, and starting thinking: how can we take this even further? We were helping them create the more tedious content, so that they could focus on creating high-quality, time-consuming content. We turned to a few dealerships and asked them to use the product. They gave us some super important feedback and suggestions that helped us determine our next move.

Stage 3: Automotive Updates, OEM Content, Local News…

With the help of our dealership partners, we realized that there was so much more content that dealerships generally publish to social media, aside from the few that we had identified. Why couldn’t we automate these new types as well? After a few more conversations with dealers, brainstorming sessions, and lots of coffee, we decided to auto-generate posts featuring:

  • Dealership reviews from Google and Facebook
  • Automotive News
  • OEM Content
  • Local News
  • Vehicle Reviews
  • OEM Incentives

With all of these content types being taken care of, dealerships would literally save hours every week, and could utilize that time creating other content. Their pages didn’t look or feel automated. Dealers were giving us positive feedback on the product. The next question was obvious: how can we make this even better? Can we help optimize the page in other ways?

Stage 4: What is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

This is a question that every user of Facebook, whether an individual or company, asks at some point. Realizing that this is a question most dealerships also have, we started thinking of ways we could help them, and then we remembered: we have this great artificial intelligence technology– why can’t it step in here too?

By the way, by now, this product had a name: SocialAi.

SocalAi now boasted a brand new feature: Smart Scheduler. With this alternative, in addition to being able to publish a post right then or schedule it for later, dealerships could allow SocialAi to use its smart AI brains to determine the absolute best time to publish the post, based on previous performance and the page’s engagement levels.

At the same time, SocialAi was becoming prettier and more user-friendly. It was really coming together!

Stage 5: Why Stop at Facebook? Twitter for Car Dealerships!

We realized that we could easily make this product even more helpful and valuable. Dealerships can now connect both their Facebook as well as Twitter pages to SocialAi. Think about it as a few more hours saved, and another easily optimized, high-quality page.

Fast-forward a bit, and SocialAi is now up and running. We are so excited to introduce it to the world, and we can’t wait to see how it will change the way your dealership does social media. Think about it this way: hassle-free social media management. You can see why we’re kind of freaking out about it.

Want to see SocialAi in action on your dealership’s page? It’s easy (and free).

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