Your ad strategy is the secret sauce to your success—getting more qualified traffic to your site means more potential leads and sales for your dealership. And we all know that the heart of this business no longer starts with foot traffic, but rather, web traffic. 

Acquire focuses on perfecting this strategy for each dealership. And, because no two dealerships are alike, there is no cut-and-paste strategy as the secret sauce.  The magic is in leveraging our smart machine learning engine with the nuances of your dealership and its target population for the best results. 

Tailor your ad strategy with new objectives that give you more granular control

Acquire now offers 7 objectives, instead of 4, to give you more granular control of how you spend your ad budget and connect with your customers. What used to be the Dealership objective is now split into Dealer Near Me, Competitors, Trade-in, and Brand. Acquire takes your total budget and optimizes it holistically across every channel and every objective with its AI decision-making engine—but that might not be totally right for you. Maybe you don’t want service leads this month, or maybe you’ve found that you don’t like trade-in leads from social media. When you have direct control over your marketing stack, you can customize it to fit your goals. If you decide to allocate a specific amount to a channel or objective, Acquire will use the rest of your budget according to its optimization algorithm.

We understand the importance of a personalized touch and dealer intuition, which is why we incorporated this into our AI strategy for ultimate results.