The latest on everything you should be following for COVID-19 in Automotive

  Mollie Monett

COVID-19 Automotive Roundup

The challenges that COVID-19 present is endless. And while this is an uncertain time to say the least, our team at AutoLeadStar is motivated to give dealers what they need to stay resilient. While we’ve turned around product updates overnight to help dealers with brand and messaging, we’re also staying on top of automotive news. We’ve rounded up all the latest #COVID-19 updates and alerts within automotive so you can reference what people are talking about below: 

NADA: Resource Guide 

NADA is taking the necessary precautions to keep their dealers safe by canceling any Academy meetups and 20 group meetings. They’ve also put together a resource guide for dealers to access all accurate information during the outbreak, including ways to get your dealership in shape to welcome customers confidently. 

Automotive News: COVID-19 Headlines

Automotive News is covering headline stories related to automotive and COVID-19 including Acura’s big move to cancel their ad campaign for March Madness. 

Wards Auto: Managing Virus Risk and Safety 

If your doors remain open at the dealership, Wards Auto provides some best practices to use when navigating through work and putting your shoppers at ease. They provide open dialogue response-plan examples, alternatives to when your employees are unable to work from home, and extra procedures you can take when disinfecting the lot and the showroom.

CBT News: How to Address COVID-19 

As COVID-19 begins to hit our healthcare system like a storm during the coming weeks, we can only project that the aftermath and economic damage will be lasting. CBT News suggests how dealers can minimize the effect, learn ways to encourage healthy best practices and provide complete transparency to shoppers.

Dealer Refresh: The COVID-19 Forum

Join the ongoing thread on Dealer Refresh to see how vendors and dealers are reacting to the COVID-19 challenges.  You’ll find all topics from work from home policies to conference reschedules. 

Navigating Business during COVID-19 with Brian Pasch

It’s no secret this crisis is affecting us in more ways than one. From family health to economic worries, coronavirus has us questioning our next steps one day to the next. This Saturday, help put your mind at ease with someone who is not only a leader in automotive but overcame a number of challenging life events that redefined his business strategies. Join Brian Pasch’s webinar as he shares words of encouragement and tactical ideas for entrepreneurs and business owners as they face the COVID-19 crisis. 

Auto Dealerships are Stepping up During COVID-19

From encouraging online alternatives to helping local businesses, NADA gives the automotive world a rundown of ways that dealers nationwide are going above and beyond in order to adapt to the changing times and strengthen their local communities like never before. 

David Kain, Becky Chernek, & David Lewis Weigh in on Coronavirus Challenges

Respected automotive family including David Kain, Becky Chernek, and David Lewis address the serious challenges of COVID-19 and its effects on dealerships as the crisis evolves daily. Each encourages alternative selling techniques such as co-navigating with your shoppers, switching to digital retail, and initiating leadership roles for every team. 

How Dealers Can Address the Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has grown exponentially in the past 2 weeks, and it’s only on the rise. From communicating health policy to confirming staff availability/ hours of operation, here’s what dealers can do to minimize the hurt.

We know that automotive will be stronger than ever when facing the challenges this virus brings. We already see OEMs preparing incentives for consumers, dealerships implementing best hygiene practices, and around-the-clock vehicle deliveries for those in quarantine or social distancing. We’re ready to be a part of this effort. 

On behalf of AutoLeadStar, we’re wishing you and yours to stay healthy and safe.