When shoppers come into your showroom, you have the chance to assess the buyer and find the perfect match for their needs. You’re not limited to a certain number of cars, or your most popular models, rather, you can take them through your lot and give every single vehicle a shot.

As today’s shoppers do more in depth research online, it is just as important for your dealership to invest in VIN-level marketing. This enables your dealership to target every shopper with precise, vehicle specific information and incentives as if they were in your showroom.  But when investing in VIN-level marketing, there are a few best practices to consider:

4 Reasons Why Your Dealership Should Invent in VIN-level Marketing 

Real-time updates

VIN-level marketing only really works when your dealership and dealership website are synced in real-time.  This means that your website updates VIN-level ads once a vehicle is sold and  when the incentive, pricing, or disclaimer is updated.  Keeping the information up-to-date not only provides a frictionless customer experience, but it also ensures that ads aren’t sending traffic to a broken link. VIN-level ads that stay active once that vehicle is sold  will waste marketing dollars instantly. 

A/B tests galore with VIN marketing ads 

Every marketer knows the impact of A/B testing.  It empowers us to test different messages, colors, designs on our audiences and see what triggers the best results.  But when running scaled VIN-level ads, you’re suddenly creating hundreds of ads to support your inventory.  It’s critical that you don’t lose sight of the power of testing, even when you have VIN-level ads.  Make sure your dealership is investing in marketing software that can automatically run these tests for you so that you’re not only making the 1:1 matches between vehicle and shopper, but you’re also testing the best messaging that will drive conversions. 

Create a “welcome mat”

VIN-level ads are only as good as the VIN-level engagement you have on your website to continue the tailored customer experience. A big part of VIN-level marketing is creating a dynamic website that can engage customers coming in from VIN-specific ads with the very same targeted message on site.  Creating the personalized conversation from the ad all the way through to the website will drive more conversions and more qualified VIN-specific leads for your dealership. 

Smart budget allocation

Automated budget allocation allows you to maximize your marketing dollars since your budget will be fluid.  Like any other paid ads strategy, VIN-level marketing should be based on smart budget allocation so that you can bid on the people most likely to click the VIN-specific ad. It’s inefficient to cap campaign spend manually when you can automate this to optimize for leads. 

While implementing VIN-level marketing, it’s not just about covering your bases; it’s a deeper strategy for your dealership to connect to shoppers on a 1:1 personalized level, taking advantage of all of our inventory and decreasing aged inventory challenges at your dealership.

VIN-Level Marketing for Your Car Dealership

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