Should You Bid on Your Own Brand Name on Google Ads?

You’ve most likely seen this question debated on countless blogs, forums, or popular automotive pages: should I buy my own name on Google ads? Like many dealers using Google Ads for their paid advertising strategy, looking to be number #1 in search, and investing their dollars where it counts, it makes sense to question the need for branded search. In this post we’ll cover three reasons why buying your own name in Google Ads will benefit your dealership.

First, what is branded search? 

Branded searches are SEM campaigns with keywords and ad copy that are related to your dealership’s brand name. 

Ex. Johnson Motors Chevy

Now let’s get to the good stuff. Why should you buy your name on Google search?

It boosts your leads and sales.

The majority of shoppers will instinctively click on the top results of their search page, unaware of the paid ad they’ve just clicked on, assuming this link to be most accurate for their needs. According to 3qdigital, “41 out of the 100 individuals tested did not know that Google Ads were paid-for adverts, believing them instead to be the most authoritative links.” So now when you ask yourself, “why should I buy my name if someone is searching for me and will automatically click on my search result?” you’ll know that’s not always the case. This is solid proof that you should always protect your name and invest in your competitors’ names to boost your leads and sales. Only the smartest tools will offer the functionality of buying your competitors names and in turn give you a higher ROI.

Your CPC should remain low.

‘Cost per click’ is the average price you’re charged whenever someone clicks on your ad. A common misconception is that a lower CPC is always better, but quality clicks (clicks that are more likely to generate quality leads) generally cost more than clicks that get you nowhere. If no one is buying your name, your avg. cost per click will be very low. This is a great way to generate high-quality traffic and low cost leads to your dealership since these shoppers coming from your branded ads were looking specifically just for you!

If you’re not first, you’re last.

Powerful SEO can be difficult to maintain. We found that if your dealership doesn’t have significant SEO, buying your name is another great way to make sure your website is always the first on the search results page. Don’t let branded search represent the entirety of your SEM strategy, but rather help unify your overall marketing message.

Need help navigating through the process of buying your own name? Reach out to us at and we’ll set you up with an expert from our team.