Top 5 questions to ask when looking for new automotive software

  Ilana Zur

Looking for some new tools to keep your website as effective as can be?  Want the best automotive software to keep your website ahead of your competitors?

Wait.  Don’t settle.  There are some crucial things you should be checking before signing on new vendors or software for your dealership website.  Here’s the ultimate checklist of questions you should ask yourself at the next NADA or Digital Dealer Conference:

  1. Does it integrate with your existing technology and/or website provider? When adjusting and optimizing your dealership website, make sure you’re choosing technologies that play nice with your existing software and website.  The most cost-effective way of improving your site is adding new software, not replacing it…unless of course you need the full makeover.
  2. Time is money and money is time- will you have the resources to handle this? Some technologies can be hard to learn or take too much time to set up.  Make sure you’re looking at options that offer set up and managed accounts so that you don’t have to do all the work.  A dealership’s salesman should be on the floor making sales, not behind the computer setting up the newest SaaS product.  If the technology comes with support and resources, you’re good to go!
  3. Can you measure the impact on your bottom line? While a technology may promise results, you need to see and experience results.   Does the auto software offer clear reports, return on investment, and, of course, lead to more sales?  Don’t lose track of your website’s main goal to attract more online leads, and get those leads to buy!  Track all new software to understand how its effecting your numbers.
  4. Is it mobile friendly? Whether you like it or not, most consumers will be looking at your mobile site– browsing cars, looking for deals, and jumping to your competitor if you’re not mobile friendly.  Any time you add a new software, one of your first questions should be if the software works on mobile- it’s super important that your website, with all of its features and glory, will be responsive on mobile.  Don’t lose those qualified leads because of this. They’re golden.
  5. Are your competitors using something similar? While competition is never fun, you always want to be one step ahead.  If your competitors are using a similar technology that will get them more online leads, and eventually more sales, you should up your game as well.  And, frankly, if they are not using the software, then jump on the opportunity to try a savvy, cutting-edge technology– if it fits all other criteria, of course.

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