New Falcon Upgrade: The Mobile Minibar

We’re excited to let you know about a new upgrade to our mobile Falcon product: the Mobile Minibar. The Mobile Minibar helps your dealership convert more leads while providing your visitors with a smoother and more enjoyable mobile experience.

The Mobile Minibar is a row of buttons on the bottom of the mobile screen, offering several modules. Three modules are visible initially: Text Us, E-price, and Trade-in. Additionally, there is the option to expand the bar to two rows for more modules: Offers, Service, Address, and Hours. Here’s what the expanded version looks like:

Falcon mobile minibar

The Test

As with all our feature releases, we tested the Mobile Minibar on several beta clients. The test was very successful: Mobile Minibar’s performance exceeded our expectations, increasing both time on site and conversions.

We divided our clients into two Google Analytics segments: Falcon customers with Mobile Minibar (the beta test group), and Falcon customers using our previous help interface, the Falcon Classic Coin.

We collected data from 444,450 mobile website users over 81 client accounts between May 25- June 25.

Conversion rates

First, we examined overall conversion rates. The conversion rate for clients using Mobile Minibar was more than 50% higher than the conversion rate for clients using Classic Coin.

Next, we examined data on the three modules with the most user interactions: Text Us, E-price, and Trade-in.

On Trade-in, the conversion rates with Mobile Minibar were twice as high as without.

On E-price, the conversion rate had a very significant difference, with Mobile Minibar converting at a rate 70% higher than Classic Coin.


Finally, on Text Us, conversions with Mobile Minibar were more than three times higher than those without it.

Average session time

We also used Google Analytics to examine average time on site during a session for each customer segment. With a total of approximately 460,000 sessions for both segments, we found that users on Mobile Minibar-enabled sites remained on-site for a significant eighteen seconds longer than users on sites with Classic Coin.


The new Falcon Mobile Minibar significantly increases both the conversion rate and the time website visitors spend on the page. Win!