Product announcement: AutoLeadStar’s Google-compliant mobile offers


Well, it’s finally here. Google is implementing its mobile engagement standards and AutoLeadStar is ready!

Under the new rules, Google will lower the search rankings of any site with mobile offers that block all content or cover the entire screen. Conversely, it will raise the rankings of sites with compliant mobile offers.

So here’s what we’ve been cooking up for you at AutoLeadStar.

Mobile users will see a bar along the top of their mobile screen allowing them to opt in to an offer. Take a look:

google compliant offer

Here’s what appears when the user clicks on the details option:

If they choose to get the offer, the fields become visible and the keyboard pops up for convenience. Take a look:

When a user clicks “get offer,” the thank you screen appears. And that’s all there is to it!


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