AutoLeadStar on DealerRefresh: How to Nurture High Funnel Leads Without Gutting Your BDC


Has this ever happened to your BDC or sales team?

You see you got a new lead into your CRM, only to find that this lead is not yet ready to buy. What’s worse, they may not be for a while. You know that lead nurture, especially for early-stage leads, brings tomorrow’s sales. But actually nurturing this lead, spending time reaching out to them again and again, can seriously drain your BDC. After all, more qualified leads- ones that are ready to move forward with their purchase- also need quality follow-up. And there are only so many hours in the day.

How can you create a lead management system that is effective, but doesn’t take up all your BDC’s time? How can your lead nurturing efforts become more seamless and automated?

Didn’t think we’d leave you hanging, did you?

Check out our latest article for DealerRefresh for lead management strategies for all your different types of leads- that let you prioritize the leads that need more of your time while streamlining lead nurture for ones that are further in the distance. We’ve put together some ideas to keep your lead nurture strong- but not let it become a huge time-waster.

First, we get into all the different types of leads so you can set up a tagging system to categorize them according to their interests and stage in the buying process. Early and late-stage leads are important categories, of course, but so are duplicates, previous customers, and shoppers who ended up with a competitor.

Then, we dive into lead management systems for your dealership with nurture ideas for all your different types of leads. Late-stage leads are rightfully going to demand more of your time. But for earlier-stage leads, you can nurture using systems that, once properly planned and implemented, largely run themselves.

Here are some of the types of nurture and follow-up we cover to consider for your lead management system:

  • Newsletters that provide car-specific offers, opportunities for test drives, and features that compare and contrast similar models
  • Phone calls to provide more information about models shoppers have checked out on your VDPs
  • Email drip campaigns with tips for car shopping, including how to get financing, features to look for, and new technologies to get car shoppers excited
  • General offers and notifications about holiday sales to try to drive an early buy

As you can see, it’s possible to set a number of these campaigns in motion in advance. With some good planning, your dealership lead nurture doesn’t have to gut your BDC.

Check it out to learn all about segmenting your leads, figuring out their interests, and nurturing all of those leads to get more sales to your dealership.

Read the full article here. 

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