Do you have access to a performance acquisition report?

If you’re like most dealers, you’re investing a large percentage of your digital marketing dollars in traffic acquisition. You have ads on third party sites like AutoTrader and CarGurus, but also invest in Google, Facebook, and Bing so you can show up first for in-market shoppers.  

So while this is expensive and exhaustive, it’s the reality of today’s marketing: if you want to be found online, you have to stay competitive and relevant. 

However, this doesn’t mean you have to invest this money with no understanding of what happens beyond this. Tracking these traffic sources can optimize the outlets that are bringing the most success. Which traffic source is bringing the highest lead count?  Which traffic source is bringing the leads with the highest close to sale rate? 

At AutoLeadStar, we call this our “performance acquisition report”, which is one of the reports in our portfolio aimed at giving dealers simple transparency.  As the main on-site engagement platform, we’re converting leads from all different streams of traffic, including our own Acquire solution (read more about that here).  But it’s important for our dealers to understand that the lead that’s marked “AutoLeadStar” in the CRM has a greater journey than just that.   This report also helps dealers identify patterns in their traffic. Do third party sites perform better at the end of the month? Does my paid social bring high leads that barely convert to a sale?

The performance acquisition report makes it both available and simple for the dealers to see how we’re converting their traffic. We’re excited to be able to simplify this for our dealers for better performance and data-driven decision making.