[Micro-Podcast] How to Create a Concierge Experience on Your Dealership Website


Users nowadays expect a lot out of the websites they visit. Everywhere they go, they’re treated to the concierge experience– they’re only shown content and offers that relate to them, in the easiest and most understandable way. It’s easy to get the feeling that the internet knows you better than you know yourself. Amazon always knows exactly what new computer gadget I want to see. Your online grocery store knows just what type of cookie will fill that craving. The best part about it? Everything is super easy and takes just a few clicks. It’s hard to imagine surfing the net without this personalization. The whole process would be frustrating and random.

As a dealership, you need to give your customers the type of concierge experience that they receive in all other areas of their internet lives.

Long before someone walks into your showroom, they conduct many hours of research online to gain as much knowledge as possible. You want your website to provide them with information and offers that will be helpful for them. If they don’t receive the kind of personalized attention that they’re used to, they’ll go somewhere else. The challenge is figuring out how to do this.

That’s where this Micro-Podcast comes in. AutoLeadStar Director of Business Development Ilana Zur shares expert tips and advice on how to target and personalize your website, improving your customers’ experience online. You’ll learn how to provide the same level of individualized attention that you give a customer in your showroom, on your site.

As an added bonus, Ilana also sneaks in a preview of AutoLeadStar’s new enhanced artificial intelligence platform, Falcon. Catch an early glimpse of what it can do for your dealership.

In just 12 minutes, we’ll change the way you think about personalization.



Want to know how concierge service can get your dealership more leads? Check out Falcon to see if AI is right for you. 

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