The good, the less good and the ugly: using insight to get the BEST leads from your website

  Aharon Horwitz

We speak to car dealers across the United States every single day.

Each dealership has its own unique story; the successes along the way, the combination of unique personalities working together in the showroom, and of course, the wonderful community of customers that you all serve and have gotten to know over the years.

Alongside the good, there are also the challenges. If you had to guess, what would you say is a major pain point that comes up in the majority of our conversations?

You probably guessed right….lead qualification.

Most dealerships capture leads from their websites, nurturing them to make as many sales as possible. While this is a good start, our clients tell us that their best leads are often buried by a mix of irrelevant ones — spammers and (well-intentioned but unrelated) job seekers. Without being able to distinguish between the good and the bad, or even the serious and the more casual browser, sales staff end up spending many hours and resources — which they don’t have — qualifying leads.

Using insight to get only the best leads..those that will pay
A good lead capture automation system won’t just capture contact information for you, but will also give you valuable insight into each of the leads you capture. For every lead captured through your website, you will be provided with information about how much time this person has spent on your website, how often they have returned, which pages they have looked at and the amount of time he or she has spent looking at a particular car you are selling. With competition at an all time high, you want to be able to get to qualified leads ASAP, before they get to your competitors. Not only does this information highlight the leads that count, but it will also help you prioritize your correspondence according to urgency and give you some sort of indication how to frame your conversation. Has a particular lead looked at your used car inventory 10 times? Then clearly, used cars are what they are looking for, and a great incentive would be needed in order to convince them to buy a new one.

A 2014 study by J.D. Power about auto shoppers (well worth a read) shows that automotive Internet users (AIUs) spend an average of 14 hours on the Internet shopping for vehicles prior to purchase. With this being the case, the opportunities are endless to engage people on your website. More than that, with people spending so much time browsing dealership websites, insight into buyers is likely to be comprehensive and therefore extremely helpful.

Get to know your leads with sophisticated lead capture insight. It will save you time, resources and get you to the right lead before it is too late.

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