If you’re not automating these things, are you still slicing your own bread?

  Ilana Shabtay

It’s the difference between minutes and days, forgetting and never needing to remember. It’s automation vs. manual. 

When you think about your marketing strategy, if you’re not thinking about a powerful automated operating system, you’re doing it wrong. 

AutoLeadStar pioneered marketing automation in the automotive industry– bridging the gap between cutting-edge technology and dealer-specific operations like co-op reports and manufacturer incentives.  Automotive has always been held back since the technology was never really enough; it needed to actually fit the shoe and meet the niche needs of every local dealership. 

Now that dealers have the opportunity to automate, they can save time, money, and much of the manual legwork. This also guarantees that dealers perform to their potential, never missing a beat: distributing updated messaging that reacts to the dynamic market, allocating budget based on performance, not timeframes, and creating reports in seconds. 

Here is a handful of things that AutoLeadStar automates so that your dealership can perform at the highest level, objectively, every time

Dealership services 

This time it was Coronavirus, but what about next time?  Your dealership’s reputation depends on its online presence; your website reflects your brand.  Being able to update your messaging to fit the market and current events is critical. This can take days, if not weeks, to do manually, across all platforms.  With automation, this can and should be done with a flip of a switch. 

Segments and Targeting

Your shoppers are everywhere: Facebook, Google, and your competitor’s website.  This means your targeting needs to be precise and strong.  Your brand should capture your shoppers at the exact moment they need it.  But building lists manually can be exhaustive, and often inaccurate.  It doesn’t take into account the changes in shopper behavior in real-time– only the data considered when making the list.  An automated marketing machine considers all the data points when they are actually happening, so you can capture shoppers at just the right time with just the right message.  It’s exact and its fluid, just like today’s consumers. 


We often think there’s a tradeoff between performing better and spending less.  While this may be true with traditional marketing agencies– the more money you invest, the more time is spent on campaign planning and tracking– automated marketing allows you to do both: making the most of every dollar you spend so you perform better with less spend. Automated budget is allocated based on performance, with no lag time or gut feeling to distract the optimization. More money will be moved into the campaign, ad, or channel, that’s outperforming so you’re investing where it matters.

Co-op reports

Staying on top of co-op reports is a huge part of monthly marketing duties. But how much time does it take you or your vendor to generate?  Pulling the images, copy, and sending off the reports with the associated IDs?  Automated machines can generate this for you in seconds.  The reports are more likely to be accurate and clean with automation than manual, filtering out unnecessary data points and eliminating room for human error. 

The list goes on, but the same message still stands: if you’re not moving to an automated marketing operation, you’re wasting valuable resources.  Keep your future bright and resilient by adopting advanced dealer-technology for more precise, hyper-targeted, customer-centric marketing.  Meet your customers where they are before it’s too late.