Targeting is the name of the game for automotive digital marketing, especially when it comes to social selling. Implementing social campaigns to get the maximum return on investment can be a tricky game, as there are many external factors involved – but the results are worth the effort.  Here are 5 articles with practical tips on staying ahead in an increasingly digital world:

  1. Can Facebook cure the social selling challenge for Auto Dealers?
    Facebook ads can be a helpful tool to increase dealership sales, though their success depends on 3 main factors: technology, people, and expectations. Facebook ads are an excellent way to qualify leads and increase foot traffic to the dealership by up to 30%.
  2. Social Retargeting: Find the Right Shopper in the Right Channel
    Social retargeting (showing social ads to people who have done relevant digital research) is becoming the norm for retailers across all industries, and automotive is no exception. Here are some practical tips for how to implement this digital marketing tactic successfully, to get the most value from your marketing dollars.
  3. 7 Ways Auto Dealers Can Polish Social-Media Skills
    These practical tips are critical in ensuring the success of your social media ad campaigns. One main focus is to use social media proactively, not just re-actively. This means finding out information about potential leads and using it to reach out to them with the appropriate details – meet them where they’re already at.
  4. 7 Steps to Get Millennials Into Your Dealership
    It’s no secret that Millenials are irreversibly changing the way business is done. Here are some important digital marketing tips to keep in mind to adapt to the changing rules of the game.
  5. Social Selling for Dealership Professionals
    Facebook is becoming a more popular option for social selling, but Twitter and LinkedIn are both gold mines for dealership marketing. Check out these killer strategies for leveraging these two social platforms for social selling.

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