How to keep your twitter up-to-date while working the Sales Floor!

  Ilana Zur

For Dealerships, we understand the pressure of the sales floor.  Whether you’re building that special relationship with a sales client, or handing over the keys after a fresh sale, you’re constantly working the floor.  The face-to-face interactions are the most important thing for a salesman at your dealership.

But wait- what about all the time and money you invested in your website and twitter page?  It’s super important that you don’t overlook sales opportunities in the digital space either. Today, about 70% of qualified leads come from the web, and are floating around in your existing traffic. So while that 30% of in-person interaction cannot be interrupted, you need to keep your social media platforms active and engaging, especially if there is no room for a social media strategist on the team.

Thankfully, there are some awesome, [Tweet “easy-to-use platforms out there that can help you tweet while keeping the sales floor hot. “]

  • Buffer App: This app allows you to schedule posts, retweets, and articles. You can even set the times in advance and change them according to your time zone.  Want to post the same thing to your Facebook page? No problem- this app allows you to select the social media outlets (Like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn) that you’ve connected.
  • Hootsuite: With over 70 social media integrations, this app is for the more advanced fellows out there.  While you can also schedule future tweets, you also get a robust understanding of your social media analytics, add multiple team members to the account, and find out what your audience is saying about your business.
  • Later Bro: Super simple, FREE tool to schedule future tweets to go out.  You can sign up within seconds by connecting your twitter account and adjust times according to best practices.

For more examples and a full list of free platforms to schedule tweets, you can check out Mashable’s article.

My suggestion for working two sales funnel effectively would be to schedule tweets every couple of days.  Keep your social prospects engaged with upcoming sales and specials, and drive them into the showroom so you can work your magic in person.  With software like Buffer, the incoming leads are endless!

For more fun tricks and time-saving tactics online, check out AutoLeadStar’s free resource about the top Google Chrome extensions for your dealership.

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