How to Actually Keep Your Sales Team on Target this Summer

  Ilana Zur

REAL Tips from Dealerships Around the U.S.

We searched the internet, scraped our twitter feed, and found some awesome tips from dealerships around the country on how to keep your sales team on point this summer.  Don’t want them down or distracted about events elsewhere? Here is your ultimate guide for how to make your dealership the number one stop this summer. No need to do the research, because it’s all right here.

Now all you have to do is plan and get started…

  1. RidgewayVW does it right: James, the Brand Manager, brought the Ice Cream Truck to their lot and made for some happy workers.  Whether it’s an ice cream truck or another afternoon snack, we can all learn from this VW dealership. Yeeees to sugar rush!
  2. Nice work, Lindsay Chevrolet: Run creative contests like this so that you can drive more foot traffic to your dealership while keeping the sales team hella entertained! Whether it be a dog contest or a selfie contest, your dealership can mix business and pleasure!  Looks like Lindsay Cadillac joined the winning idea.
  3. BMW of Austin is rocking it: Sponsor and/or provide fun giveaways for summer events near the dealership. Kudos to BMW of Austin for supporting the Steve Miller Band Concert while still getting some traffic to the sales floor.
  4. Way to go, Mini of Sterling: Mini of Sterling and BMW of Sterling are coming together for a blood drive at BMW of Sterling for Children’s National.  Keep your sales team active and dedicated to the causes your dealership cares about this summer.
  5. Crevier BMW gets creative: Supporting the 2016 Olympics, BMW of Crevier creates a drive event to get customers in the door and entertained! Drive to Success!
  6. Pacific VW knows what’s up: With the latest Pokemon craze, Pacific VW offered chauffered test drives so customers can catch all their Pokemon along the way. Now that’s a whole new commitment to the digital age.

Want some more ideas?  We’ve got many more to share.  Follow us on twitter as we’ll be retweeting some of the best Summer events and creative ideas we see from our loyal dealerships! @autoleadstar