How to drive traffic to your dealership this holiday season

  Ilana Zur

The holiday season is coming up! As if Q4 weren’t difficult enough, this year it seems to have crept up so fast.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and before you know it… Christmas and New Year’s break.

So how are you going to rock your sales this quarter?  We have some ideas for you.

  1. Costume Contest: Invite local families to come to your dealership in costume for a contest with compelling gifts and prizes. While the families are there, get them into a test drive and into a new vehicle fast.
  2. Host a pumpkin-carving event: Use your dealer lot to carve funny faces and scary skeletons into pumpkins. It’s the season to be creative and families will love the event.  Serve pumpkin spice lattes inside to keep with the theme, and parents will come into your showroom in no time.
  3. Thanksgiving Food Drive: Most dealerships are associated with a local charity, so team up and host a food drive before Thanksgiving. Make your dealership the place people come to donate before the holidays, and use the opportunity to have your friendliest representatives greet and talk to them.
  4. Pictures with Santa: Maybe your General Manager can jump into a Santa costume. Maybe you’d rather hire someone. Either way, be sure to offer a picture with Santa in your dealership to get families into your showroom in December.  You can also give out little gifts or chocolate to keep up the holiday spirit.
  5. Holiday Discounts: Leverage your website to offer in-store holiday discounts.  Make sure the offers are branded, festive, and highly-targeted to bring in the qualified leads your showroom deserves.
  6. Offer Themed Test Drives: Remember when everyone went crazy over PokemonGo and dealerships were offering themed test drives?  Use the holidays to offer exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime test rides with themed music, decorations, and holiday gifts to get into the holiday spirit.

The holidays are a tough time for the automotive community, but with creativity and innovation you’ll be able to drive qualified leads to your showroom now more than ever.

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