How David Hobbs Honda Used AutoLeadStar to increase key sales metrics by up to 40%

  Mollie Monett

How David Hobbs Honda used AutoLeadStar to increase key sales metrics by up to 40%

David Hobbs Honda shares insight into how they’ve directly benefited from leveraging artificial intelligence to significantly improve their customer experience and increase key sales metrics at their dealership.


Before implementing AutoLeadStar Connect, David Hobbs Honda’s site was bringing in unqualified leads that gave false information or failed to show up for appointments. Their Sales team could not differentiate between leads to determine who was a serious shopper. From a customer perspective, on-site shopping was cluttered and forms were often intrusive and lacked a user-friendly experience. The David Hobbs Honda team knew they could bring in better leads that converted to more sales.


Improved Customer Experience

The selling point for the David Hobbs Honda team was the impact our solution, AutoLeadStar Connect had on the on-site experience. Instead of aggressively trying to capture a lead’s information, AutoLeadStar Connect uses predictive Artificial Intelligence to decide in real-time what to present to each person. It’s clean, easy to use, and fits perfectly with their site’s design – even on mobile. It has significantly reduced the number of poor leads David Hobbs Honda previously received from forms that failed to prioritize the customer experience.

Better Data

AutoLeadStar Connect collects more data on the leads and transfers all of the information directly into the dealership’s CRM. Everything is easy for the Sales team to find, and they can use that data in their follow-up with customers. AutoLeadStar Connect also pushes shoppers further down the funnel by showing appropriate and targeted messages, even after the first conversion. The Sales team receives all of this information, from the first visit through conversion and beyond.

Dedication to Clients

David Hobbs Honda was truly impressed by the fantastic level of service they received from the team at AutoLeadStar. Every step of the way, from sign-up to onboarding and optimizing, the dealership felt that everyone at AutoLeadStar was accommodating to their needs and quick to address their questions.

“I view the AutoLeadStar product as an indispensable tool that I simply will not do without – and the best news is it continues to get better. The AutoLeadStar team never rests in assuring cutting edge, usable technology that works.”

Darrin Roth, e-Commerce Director, David Hobbs Honda

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