AutoLeadStar Webinar: How to Keep a High Lead to Appointment Ratio


Lead capture: the quest, the chase, the holy grail. Getting more leads on your dealership site means getting more customers in your showroom.

But what happens when lead capture actually works– when all your compelling content, smart targeting, and appealing offers are getting more people to convert on your website?

Well, probably, you are overjoyed. And then you take a look at your CRM and immediately realize how much work it will take to actually bring those leads into your dealership.

Because you can’t leave them hanging, can you? People who convert on your website have questions and requests. They want test drives and appointments. They need information. And you want to help them. But your dealership is probably stretched thin trying to reach all of these leads with quality, effective follow-up.

The temptation to use automated form emails is strong. So is the temptation to give up after not reaching a lead by phone on the first try. Nobody likes phone tag, or flipping through a calendar to set an appointment over the phone. Plus, so many leads, after all your time and effort, don’t even show up for their appointments.

Dealerships need a better mechanism to handle an influx of hot leads and keep a high lead to appointment ratio.

That’s why we are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive webinar: How to Keep a High Lead to Appointment Ratio with Basically No Effort.

Join us on January 10th as we tackle this issue and provide you with practical, no-fail strategies to get more leads to actually come into your dealership– and save your dealership time and effort.  You’ll walk away with tools to:

– Understand the importance of appropriate lead follow up

– Leverage new technology to save your BDC time and energy

– Increase your lead to appointment ratio in just days

Register today to get more leads into your dealership. Can’t wait to see you there!


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