If your dealership is optimizing and maximizing lead capture, you’re seeing an increase in the number of follow up calls you need to make. And follow up calls are a great and necessary step. But as you’ve probably noticed, scheduling appointments over the phone is pretty annoying, and often, totally ineffective. There’s phone tag, missed calls, voicemails, and your BDC and sales reps waiting on the phone while customers frantically check their calendars. In a rush to end the call, people set an appointment time they haven’t thought through, and then forget to write it down.

In short, dealerships need a better mechanism to handle an influx of hot leads and keep a high lead to appointment ratio.

That’s why AutoLeadStar is thrilled to announce our newest feature release: Test Drive. Test Drive creates high-impact, efficient, and easy follow up with qualified leads right on your website. Test Drive is effective in both setting more appointments and creating a better shopping experience for interested buyers.  It’s a win-win.

Here’s how it works: Your dealership engages its visitors with a beautiful, branded OEM or custom offer, like this one:

dealership lead capture

Normally, once a lead clicks the “get offer” button, it is sent directly to your CRM for follow up by your BDC team. With Test Drive, leads will see a follow-up step: another quick engagement that can schedule a test drive right away, or be easily dismissed by anyone not interested. Take a look:

test drive

This interactive step allows the customer to choose an appointment date and time according to their own schedule.  It takes the conversation one step further, and brings the BDC follow up that much closer to a sale. And if the lead isn’t quite ready to commit to an appointment over the phone, a polite, unobtrusive offer they can close at will could gently nudge them to set a time. 

Finally, Test Drive makes it easy for everyone to keep track of appointments. Right after a customer schedules a Test Drive, they receive immediate confirmation on the site, and your sales team receives an email with the new lead information and test drive request.  

Your dealership may already provide excellent follow up. But Test Drive is an instant, foolproof solution to go that extra mile, every time. It schedules the appointment for you with no hassle, freeing up time for you and your customers.

Now when you call to follow up, you can simply thank your new customer, confirm their appointment, and answer any questions they have. Your customers will be happier and your dealership will be one step ahead of the game.

Increase efficiency, build loyalty, and boost sales. Try Test Drive today! 

Interested in hearing more about Test Drive and other AutoLeadStar features?  Call us for a free consultation, 216-242-1320.