It’s finally here! Connect, AutoLeadStar’s newly enhanced artificial intelligence platform has landed. Connect uses cutting-edge technology to give your dealership the tools it needs to personalize your website and turn more browsers into buyers. We’ve seen amazing results so far, and we’re excited to finally be able to tell you about its new and enhanced features.

What’s New About Connect

It’s old news by now that shoppers are conducting more of their research online before visiting a dealership. In fact, 68% of customers report visiting only 1-2 dealerships before making a purchase. Knowing this, if you’re like most dealerships, you pay for and run multiple lead capture forms on your website including trade-ins, popups, chat, texting, e-price, and special offers. The problem is that if all these different tools and systems do not communicate with one another, your customers can end up being “attacked” on your site, overwhelmed by all of the various popups and offers that they see on their screen. This creates an uncomfortable user experience and could drive shoppers to a competitor.

Not only that, but too often, all of these offers and pop-ups are one-size-fits-all. They don’t offer customers the type of personalized e-commerce experience they’re used to. Think of the personalized recommendations your average shopper receives on Netflix or Amazon. That’s the experience they want to get from your dealership website, too.

That’s why we created Connect. Connect is an all-in-one tool that provides a personalized, intuitive, and high-quality experience for every shopper on your site.

When a user visits your website, they look at content and offers that interest them. Every shopper is different, and their browsing journey can tell you a lot about them and what they are looking for. This user behavior on your site is valuable information that your dealership should know in order to provide each lead with the most personalized experience possible. Until now, you’ve been utilizing several different systems to capture and track your leads, in an attempt to provide this type of shopping experience. With Connect, you can do it all with one easy-to-use tool.

How does Connect work?

Connect uses artificial intelligence to continuously track user behavior and displays relevant interactions at optimal times for conversion, all in one tool.

In other words, Connect understands each shopper’s interests, and engages them with the right content and offers at the right time. Every interaction is logged and tracked, allowing Connect to continually learn more about your customers and display relevant and helpful conversion opportunities.

Enhanced Features

Now that we understand the basics, let’s dive into some of the new and enhanced features of Connect.

Interactive, Customized Shopping Experience
Connect’s interface is a single tool with relevant options for every type of shopper. No matter what a customer is searching for, whether specials, trade-in valuation, or a service appointment, they can find it all in one place with no need to navigate around your site. For example, if a shopper visits a VDP, Connect may present that person with an offer on that specific vehicle. Someone whose behavior shows they’re ready to book a test drive will be prompted to do that. And for those customers who are simply browsing your site, Connect can show relevant content and information based on their activity. Machine learning enables the system to know what content a shopper should see, and when.

What’s more, the tool is unobtrusive and easy to use. Shoppers can expand and dismiss relevant conversion opportunities on-demand with plug-and-play AI technology. Connect becomes a natural part of your visitor’s shopping experience.

More Data-Rich Leads
When a shopper converts, a follow-up interaction is often triggered. For example, someone who converts on an offer for a specific vehicle will then be prompted to sign up for a test drive. A customer who requests an estimate on their trade-in will then be given the option to set up an appointment for a professional appraisal. Because shoppers have so many opportunities to interact and convert on offers that actually interest them, you’ll see more leads. What’s more, every lead that comes into your CRM includes rich data about customer behavior– since follow-up interactions tell you more about them. This means that when you contact your leads, your team can help shoppers progress in the buying process more effectively. All of your follow-up efforts will be more valuable and informed, whether in a phone call or during a visit to your showroom.

Dynamic CTAs
Connect boosts your conversions with CTA buttons that match your website’s design. We can add these new buttons or work with ones already existing on your site for a totally seamless experience. These CTAs are data-driven and constantly A/B tested to ensure optimal performance. They can be placed anywhere on your site to boost your conversion rates.

Strategize with Analytics
Connect makes it easier to track what is working on your site, and what needs improvement. You will receive business intelligence and real-time data analysis of your dealership’s digital performance, enabling you to improve your marketing strategy.

With Connect, you will convert more leads by providing a highly personalized shopping experience for your website visitors. Using this all-in-one resource will optimize your digital vendor spend and cut costs, improving your bottom line and allowing you to focus on what’s really important– selling more cars.