Top CRO tips for your dealership from famous US presidents


Did you know that the illustrious presidents of the past had a lot to say about conversion rate optimization? Of course you did. What would a self-respecting 18th century general be without a good CRO strategy?

Definitely not as famous today, to say the least.

So in honor of Presidents’ Day, we bring you the top conversion optimization lessons we learned from some of history’s most quotable Commanders in Chief. We think they’d probably agree with these solid strategies.


JFK and his CRO advice

John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country can do for you- ask what you can do for your country”

CRO Translation:  Ask not what your lead can do for you- ask what you can do for your lead.

Of course you want things from your leads: to answer your phone calls, come in for a test drive, and seal the deal. But don’t forget what your leads really want: quality follow-up, easy appointment scheduling, and excellent customer service. Give them what they want, and you just might see more sales.



lincoln's cro strategy

Abraham Lincoln: “Every blade of grass is a study; and to produce two, where there was but one, is both a profit and a pleasure.”

CRO Translation: Every lead takes effort. When this month’s conversion rate is higher than last month’s, it’s great for business.

President Lincoln addressed these words to the Wisconsin State Agricultural Society, so the blades of grass were no metaphor. Blades of grass were life, just like our leads. And a great lead nurture strategy, including segmented campaigns and valuable resources, can grow those leads into sales.


washington's CRO tips

George Washington: “We should not look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.”

CRO Translation: It’s never too late to implement a great CRO strategy.

Let this month be a new beginning: make sure you have great content on your dealership website, varied conversion offers with minimal fields and clean design, and a comprehensive follow-up plan. If you have a bad month, check your analytics and see where you can improve. George Washington would want you to look ahead.

eisenhower's CRO tipsDwight D. Eisenhower: “If progress is to be steady we must have long term guides extending far ahead.”

CRO Translation: If progress is to be steady, we need to think ahead to tomorrow’s sales.

Your late-stage leads are a great source of value because they’re so close to buying, but don’t forget to optimize your website to engage early-stage leads. They’re doing research now, but they’ll be ready to make a purchase in a few weeks or months. They’re more likely to buy from you if your site is a resource for them to guide them through the entire car-buying process.


Listen to the fearless leaders of the past and strengthen your conversion strategy. It’s the patriotic thing to do.


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