Coming This Fall: AutoLeadStar’s Enhanced Artificial Intelligence Platform for Dealerships


We’ve got some big news at AutoLeadStar.

Coming this fall, we’ll be releasing an enhanced artificial intelligence platform designed to get you more leads than ever– by providing unprecedented levels of customer personalization and service.

AutoLeadStar has already been delivering huge boosts in lead capture to our clients. Why the change?

Because the world is changing. More and more, convenience and outstanding service are the hallmarks of our shopping experiences. We seek out ease and personalization, and appreciate businesses that provide it.

There’s no reason why shopping for a car should be different.

Consider the way you shop today. New electronics are a button’s touch away on Amazon. The Starbucks app lets you skip the lines by ordering and paying for your latte online with mobile pick up. Groceries arrive at your door hassle-free with services like Instacart and Amazon PrimeNow. You can even book your spot at spinning class online, and arrive to your waiting bike, no jostling or delays involved.

Best of all? All of these services remember you so they can continuously speed up and personalize your process. Netflix knows what movies you like and offers you related recommendations. Your food delivery app knows your favorite sandwich and makes reordering a snap. Technology that learns your preferences cuts busywork and aggravation out of your day. With the right tools, we can experience concierge service every day– ultra-fast and tailored to our needs.

Car shopping can be like this too.

We’ve built a full-service platform to help every visitor shopping your dealership website find exactly what they’re looking for. You’ll be able to deliver relevant, customized conversion opportunities for every lead. You’ll even reach those customers who won’t convert, providing them with the excellent retail experience that will keep them coming back.

Additionally, we can analyze all your data, make recommendations for marketing strategy– and allow you to implement those strategies with the touch of a button.

Above all, we’ve created a system that is totally responsive to what customers actually want. No more clutter, chaos, or hassle. Our streamlined tool will provide round-the-clock, real-time help to website shoppers just like an in-store salesperson would. And it will help your online shoppers find their way to your showroom by making your dealership the only one that offers the same level of outstanding service that customers love and expect today. You’ll see a boost to your leads and sales because your dealership simply provides the best experience out there.

We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to bring you excellence. Stay tuned for our full product release this fall.

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