The California Consumer Privacy Act, or CCPA, extends California consumers’ privacy rights by giving those consumers more control over their personal information. The CCPA takes effect on January 1, 2020, and you can be confident that AutoLeadStar is fully compliant.

As such, AutoLeadStar has updated its privacy and terms of use. AutoLeadStar enables your business to meet the CCPA’s requirements.

How does the CCPA affect you as an AutoLeadStar client?

If you are an AutoLeadStar client, under the CCPA you’re considered the ‘business’ and AutoLeadStar is the ‘service provider’. As such, we as AutoLeadStar are responsible for processing the data our service captures on your site and is stored on our servers. As noted in our Privacy Policy, we will NEVER sell personal data to third parties.

Do you meet the CCPA’s requirements? 

The CCPA is a large piece of legislation and covers many topics that have no direct impact or tie with your use of AutoLeadStar. However, there are areas of the CCPA where your customers might have rights that relate to your use of AutoLeadStar. 


Under the CCPA, businesses must update privacy notices to specifically state what data is collected, categorize the data collected, explain the purpose for the data’s use, identify third parties with which that data is shared, and communicate the rights available to an individual.

The lawful disclosure and consent is part of AutoLeadStar’s  Privacy Policy.

We recommend that you perform a full review of your company’s terms of service and privacy policy to ensure you meet the CCPA’s requirements and, if necessary, disclose the use of AutoLeadStar.