AutoLeadStar Webinar: Transforming early-stage shoppers into tomorrow’s sales

January 26, 2017      Devorah

Most dealerships don’t pay much attention to early stage car shoppers.

And for good reason: early stage shoppers are high up the sales funnel, researching their next car purchase, but not yet ready to buy. These seemingly fickle customers land on your site, but don’t have the patience to wait for a chat agent to answer any questions, don’t want to give their name or phone number, and aren’t ready to apply for financing or book a test drive.

In short, they are not responsive to most traditional forms of lead capture– and are therefore not considered high-value for dealerships, or worth internet marketing resources.

However. It might seem counterintuitive, but engaging shoppers at an early point in their buying process is crucial to your dealership’s success. Prioritizing them gives your dealership a sharp competitive edge and boosts revenue.

Why? Because today’s early-stage shoppers are tomorrow’s sales.

Anyone who comes to your dealership website is there for a reason. Even if they’re not yet ready to buy, they are looking for information, tools, and resources that will help them eventually make a decision on a vehicle that’s right for them. If they can’t find the information they need, or if they don’t have a positive experience on your site, they will leave in search of a better resource.

On the other hand, a high sales funnel shopper who finds valuable content, transparent information, and a great experience on your site may decide to convert after all– and if not, they are likely to come back to your website to further their research, eventually convert, and make their way into your dealership to close a sale.

A website that functions like an outstanding salesperson that can connect to early stage shoppers, build loyalty, provide consistent value, and streamline the car shopping process will see more conversions, more leads, and more sales.

Shoppers browsing your dealership website may not be ready to buy today, but they will be ready to buy tomorrow. If your site gives them what they are looking for, your dealership will be the one they choose when they are ready to convert and purchase their new vehicle.

So how do you reach these shoppers and bridge the gap between browser and buyer?

We’re glad you asked.

Join us for our upcoming exclusive AutoLeadStar webinar: Transforming Early-Stage Shoppers into Tomorrow’s Sales. Tuesday, February 7th, at 2 PM EST.

We’ll dive deep into all the ins and outs of connecting with customers browsing your site while high in the sales funnel so you make more sales.  Gain insights and strategies to:

  • provide the online shopping experience today’s consumers want
  • enrich your dealership website with content that engages early-stage car shoppers
  • capture leads at every stage, not just customers ready to buy right now
  • speed up the car buying process to transform today’s early-stage shoppers into tomorrow’s sales


We hope to see you there!


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