We are very excited to share the latest on our latest…an updated Leads Page for Falcon and DataAi users.

Why is this so exciting? In a nutshell, the old page was informative, but now it’s organized in a super-clear and helpful fashion; you’ll be able to see the full customer journey more sharply than ever before– each customer’s every step, from start to finish. Here are some of the specifics:

More comprehensive lead data, from ad to sale

When you click on a lead name in the new Lead Pages, you’ll see that person’s full journey– not only conversion information– in a straightforward, chronological presentation. DataiAi customers will even be able to see any ads clicked, or campaigns engaged with on the journey to sale, at every point.

Ability to track specific marketing activities

With the new Leads Page, you’ll be able to filter your view for specific activities like VDP views, ads, conversions, and more. That way you can zero on in the effectiveness of each of your campaigns.

Time range adjustability

Let’s say you have an older lead and want to know their most recent activity. You don’t have to scroll– you can limit your view by time so you can see only the period that is relevant to you.

User-friendly view

You can see lead information displayed like a timeline– like your CRM but with so much more information. It’s all right there– you don’t have to go digging or splice together different data sources. Here’s what it looks like:

Contact details, conversion information, and full timeline– it’s all at your fingertips.

Remember, when you’re looking at customer data on the Leads Page, you’re seeing a specific, real person– not aggregate data. You can actually see the points of contact that led this person to the sale. And you can see it all in one place.