Managing your inventory just got easier.

Inventory Management enables dealerships to align their business goals and take complete control of their inventory using Acquire.

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Inventory Management allows your dealership to boost and/or exclude certain inventory so that you can be sure to have more funds and focus put toward the vehicles that your dealership needs to move.

Moreover, dealers can view ad performance data from an inventory level, providing transparency into exactly where and how your dealership’s budget is being spent.

You may find the Inventory Management feature nested inside the Acquire product under the Inventory tab, which is subdivided into Rules and Reports. 

If you’re an AutoLeadStar customer, please contact your Dealer Success Manager for more information.

How does it work?

Inventory Management creates rules based on any combination of vehicle condition, year, make, model, trim, and price. Once these rules are in place, the Acquire algorithm will take these inputs into account and allocate budget accordingly – boosting the relevant vehicles, all updated and optimized in real-time. This “boost factor” is controlled by the power of our AI algorithm. 

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