After attending live auto events in response to COVID-19 and industry expert panels, we’re confident that automotive is going to recover, and we’re doing everything in our power to make sure your dealership has the tools to react. We’re here to help all dealers stay competitive and capitalize on the potential surge of interest in private transportation in the aftermath of these upcoming months. 

In the spirit of keeping the momentum, we’re continuing to work diligently to mold our product and give dealerships actionable solutions so they don’t lose marketing momentum. We believe our best contribution to your resilience is to deliver features, data, and resources that you can leverage while navigating through the unknown.  All of our tools are centered around helping dealers automate more so they can cut manual and maximize their staff, even with limited resources and hours. 

Check out our recent features below:

1. Corona crisis-specific messaging and templates

We’ve created several Corona specific templates that are available as options in our Acquire tool. Now you’re able to let your customers know you’re open for business and are sensitive to their concerns. These templates are available for Google Ads search, display, and social advertising. 

Don’t have Acquire? Reach out here and we’ll set you up with an expert from our team.  We’re also happy to share free ad templates if you want to set this up yourself. 

2. A COVID-specific module called “Quick React”

Our tool Connect now offers a COVID-specific module called “Quick React” that appears on the first page a visitor sees on your website. While many customers may be concerned about physically being in your showroom while practicing social distance, this module ensures that they can still do business with you. We’ve also made this communication even more flexible so you can redirect the messages to any URL, like an express store you’re trying to promote to increase home deliveries or special vehicle cleaning you may be running. 

We’re also populating OEM incentives from multiple sources so you can automatically communicate these incentives to shoppers.  Connect automatically updates your messaging with OEM offers in real-time so you can avoid the long hours of uploading specials, updating prices, and adding disclaimers. 

Don’t have Connect? Reach out here and we’ll set you up with an expert from our team.

3. Deferral Payment Services

We’ve recently released Deferral Payment Services. Now you’re able to connect OEM offered payment deferral offers or create your own custom deferral offers for in-market shoppers that are wanting a car but require flexible payment plans to move forward. Our Acquire tool will generate and run multiple ad templates for the respective offers, while our Connect tool will display this offer to the relevant shoppers at the right time.

4. Test Drive Plus

Are your shoppers still worried about coming in-store?  No problem. We’ve made it easier for your shoppers to pick which salesperson they’d like to take a test drive with from the comfort of their own homes. Give your shoppers the ability to choose their test drive buddy when using Test Drive Plus on Connect. Shorten the sales cycle and improve follow up seamlessly. Lead information is sent to your CRM and to the employee chosen for the test drive.

As we settle into this new normal, our product experts are committed to staying creative in order to give dealers the opportunity to thrive during these confusing, unprecedented times. From all of us at AutoLeadStar, stay healthy and safe.