Announcing our new chat: ConnectBot. The only chat that knows your shoppers before you do.

  Alexandra Joseph

Today we’re introducing a huge update to our platform: ConnectBot – the live chat on Connect! ConnectBot brings you the same intelligence, tracking, and total integration that you expect from all our solutions, making ConnectBot part of a truly all-in-one acquisition arsenal. 

We’ve known for a long time that our dealers like chat. So we stayed up-to-date and tested our engagement platform against mainstream chat performance to make sure our performance was on par, or frankly, better. Among other things, we found that chat typically appeals to lower funnel shoppers, while Connect offers a solution for shoppers at any stage. 

But it’s true – live chat on your site is important these days. Giving your leads a way to get a quick resolution to their inquiry gives you a competitive advantage. 

The thing is – if we were going to release a chat feature, we wanted to do it right. With current chat options, customers wait several minutes for each response, and many abandon ship midway. The chat operators are outsourced, and often know very little about the dealership, its current inventory and incentives – and clients can tell.

We decided to address these issues, creating a chat option on Connect that utilizes the best solutions technology has to offer.

Enter ConnectBot.

The clue is in the name. ConnectBot is an automated bot, which means it can answer inquiries in a matter of seconds, and at scale. But the real advantage with ConnectBot is that it’s in tune with all of your data. Since ConnectBot is an integral part of Connect’s overall engagement strategy, it’s synced to your inventory, incentives, and your website. It knows what your customers have been looking at, how many times they’ve been to your site and which vehicle offers are relevant to them. This, together with a friendly, intuitive interface makes for a superior customer experience.

The numbers

Within the first few weeks of beta, we found that one in three people interacting with chat left their contact information, and its average time to conversion is 7 times faster than the industry standard. We attribute this to a more convenient, quicker way of connecting with leads today.  ConnectBot also supercharged service leads by 375%,  and 20% of the leads that converted somewhere else on the Connect platform interacted with ConnectBot at some point prior to conversion, reinforcing that an overall connected engagement strategy with chat is crucial for more conversions and ultimate website experience. 

Want to see ConnectBot in action?

If you’re interested in hearing more about ConnectBot, and how it can help you get higher conversions rates and quality leads – feel free to schedule a demo or contact us at – we’d love to chat 😉