A new way to create, manage, and optimize your ads on social media. 

As a marketer, there’s plenty to do. Creating the right ads for many types of customer intents, keeping your inventory ads updated and relevant, using various tools to target the right audience–the list goes on. All this time consuming labor leaves little room for analyzing your ad performance, running tests, and adapting as necessary. Yet in a highly complex system like Facebook ads, it’s just that process of continual, incremental change and micro-adaptation that drives high performance. Since there’s little time and availability of data for optimization, most often you’re really just guessing where to put your marketing dollars.  

Acquire Social automates the process of ad creation and optimizes them 24/7, so you know with certainty that you’re spending every dollar where it counts. It uses your own business data, like your inventory, or the behavior of your website visitors, to engage with customers and prospects with the right message at the right time. Acquire uses machine learning to determine which clicks are likely to convert to leads, enabling it to go after the most high-value clicks.

Get even more pin-pointed targeting with CRM Link, a live, realtime connection with your CRM. Automatically target customers with timely engagements, like new inventory for customers with lease expirations coming up, service incentives for recent buyers, and more.

Plus, Acquire Social gives you clear, transparent, accessible reporting, so you know exactly how many leads you’re generating, and from where. 

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