Continuing the recent themes of data visibility, portability, and transparency, I am so excited to share with you that we just released “Compare” across all of our platforms.

Something one of our clients, Andrew Walser from Walser Automotive Group said to me on a frigid Minnesota morning has always stuck: “A number is only meaningful when compared to another number” (not 100% sure that’s true when the temperature feels like Absolute Zero). We’ve since made it a point to have every single thing we do contextualized, so numbers have meaning. That said, we’ve not always been able to make this a CORE VALUE of our product.

That changes today: it is now as easy as flipping a switch and using a date range picker in the upper corner of the AutoLeadStar dashboard to compare data between any date range across your account. This feature makes the notion of context and comparison CORE to what we communicate to dealers. This creates even more transparency as not only are we sharing the data (we always have) but we’re letting dealers make data-driven judgments about us without any of the framings that happen in a QBR or opaque presentation.

If I’m an auto dealer marketer I love this: want to quickly see how your Cost Per Lead (CPL) compares this year’s last week of November to last year’s, same time? Just turn on compare mode and you can see it right there in black and white (or rather gorgeous graduated palates as defined by our UX and Brand superstars).

Once you do that you’ll see your dashboard light up like a stock chart with up and down mini-arrows. Hovering will often give you additional data. And it’s totally exportable to CSV! Yes, exportable!

This should really help when you think about marketing cost per vehicle sold and build reports for your dealership’s leadership.

No more chasing after this data, and working esoteric queries and spreadsheets in your Google Analytics and CRM – and no more pushing your agency to send you info. It’s right there in your dashboard.

For me as a dealer, this is saving me time, helping me ask and answer questions, and guiding my thinking about the marketing piece of my sales funnel.

We hope to bring out much more around data in the future, not just comparing and sharing info, but explaining even further how our platform is optimizing for dealers based on the data it is processing. We are also thinking about uses more of the underlying insight we gather. More to come on all this.

Thanks for asking us for Compare so that we had the opportunity to build it for you and continue our mission of transparency and making technology that works for you, rather than making you work for it.



(Originally posted on LinkedIn)