What most computer users take for granted can be a huge barrier for people with visual or motor impairments.

AutoLeadStar believes in providing a concierge experience to all shoppers as they browse and convert on your website. Recently, many regulations have passed to ensure that the internet becomes a more accessible place for individuals with disabilities. And it makes good business sense for you, the dealer, to make your digital home a welcoming place for all customers. AutoLeadStar is committed to enabling dealers to comply with WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Here are some of the ways Connect creates a more accessible experience for all:

Keyboard Navigation

By using Tab (and Shift + Tab) keys, Connect can now be accessed via the keyboard, assisting users without a mouse.

Compatibility with screen readers

By removing text from images, and adding Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) and other types of tags across Connect, all text can be more easily interpreted by screen readers.


Timing has been removed to allow users who cannot read as quickly, to have as much time as they need to process the information being presented in Connect. 

Clear marking of required fields

Required fields are marked as such in two different ways, to make it easier for a shopper to understand why their submission may not be accepted by Connect.  


AutoLeadStar takes accessibility very seriously, so if you have any further inquiries about accessibility, please feel free to reach out to support@autoleadstar.com